What if I told you that you could go to market this week with your own brand of massage guns or memory foam dog beds?

One way to make a quick entry into being your own quái vật is white labelling. That is, selling products manufactured by others, customized with your own designs or branding. Selling trắng label products is an easy option for those looking to jump on a trend or avoid having khổng lồ make or manufacture products on their own.

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Here, we’ll nội dung 11 ideas for white label products that you can start selling today. Our picks include a diverse selection of trending products for 2021, from fitness wear khổng lồ pet accessories. 


What is white labelling?


White label products are generic products mass manufactured then customized slightly (logo or brand name added, for example) for several brands. Trắng label products can be bulk ordered, dropshipped, or printed on demand.

The term is often used interchangeably with “private labelling.” But technically, there are some subtle differences. Both refer khổng lồ products manufactured and then relabelled or rebranded for another store or brand. Private label, however, most often refers khổng lồ products manufactured and branded before being sold exclusively by one retailer. For example, a suite of products under Walgreens’ generic brand sold only at its stores.

Private labelling is generally more expensive, due khổng lồ the nature of the customization và high minimums, & is best for brands that are already more established. Trắng label products are accessible khổng lồ smaller brands or those just starting up due lớn low, or sometimes no, minimums, as in the case of print on demand.


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The benefits of white labelling

White labelling allows you lớn quickly spin up a business around an existing product. You can showroom your own cảm ứng through branding, a great website, personalized shopping experiences, và unique packaging. You don’t need lớn have any creative skills or manufacturing experience lớn sell white label products.

White labelling might be a great option if you:

Are looking khổng lồ jump on a trending productWant khổng lồ start a business quickly Don’t have a chất lượng product ideaWant khổng lồ start a business without much upfront investmentAren’t interested in making or manufacturing products yourselfWant branded supplemental products for an existing business (say, a service-based business)Are looking lớn monetize a personal or influencer brand with merch 

White label versus custom products

Making your own unique products from scratch can be highly rewarding. Artists, craftspeople, and product designers tend to enjoy this aspect of running a business. But it’s not for everyone. Whether you’re not creative or don’t have the time or patience for product R&D, you may opt khổng lồ skip production altogether. 

The downside of white label products is that the same sản phẩm may be sold under many different brand names. You can easily get lost in the shuffle. Almost any search on Amazon delivers pages và pages of identical products with different logos. You can make the most of trắng labelling—and stand out from other brands—by investing in a solid brand story và customer experience. Or you may compete on price or delivery options.

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11 white label products to sell online

Now that you’re up khổng lồ speed, is trắng labelling for you? Read on for ideas you can start selling now.

1. Stainless steel water bottles

Water bottles are blank canvases for any design. If you’re an artist or designer looking to sell merch, this is a low cost idea that lets you sell a reproduction of your work at an accessible price lớn your fans. Water bottles can also be white labelled with a simple logo và used for brand awareness. Say you sell digital fitness nội dung like online yoga classes or virtual personal training. Branded water bottles offer a way khổng lồ diversify into a relevant physical product.

2. Cosmetics

You might not know it, but many of the cosmetics brands on the market today are made by just a handful of manufacturers. In some cases, they’re the exact same formulation. What sets them apart is brand, packaging design, and perhaps the range of colors offered. For example, Kylie Jenner’s brand is produced by Seed Beauty, a private label company that is also responsible for ColourPop. To make a start in white label cosmetics, focus on one product, like lip balm.

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3. Phone accessories

Like stainless steel water bottles, trắng label phone accessories are inexpensive khổng lồ produce, widely available, và easily customizable. Phone cases are a great option for designers or artists for showcasing work on an affordable accessory, and other accessories like cords or car mounts can be easily rebranded.

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