Agile & quick, the Sprint 150 is all about fresh style và youthful exuberance

by TJ Hinton, onMarch 12, 2020, 04:00LISTEN09:27

Vespa"s Sprint line has always been distinguished by its modern design và youthful lines, and the newest versions of the colorful 150 cc Chrome Crest & decidedly-dark Notte models carry that appeal into 2020. Built for the younger buyer base with low-emission, high-mileage engine, & compact build, the small-frame Vespino are bestowed with modern electronics & technologies that increase rider safety. Those selling points should appeal both to the rider và the people who love them.

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Piaggio and its Vespa division, helped khổng lồ shape the look of the modern scooter genre way back in the chaotic days following World War II, so it should be no surprise that the Sprint 150 bears bona fide genetic markers from the earliest “wasp” models. The leg fairing carries a boomerang shape in profile that adds some old-school flavoring, while on its face there’s the classic “tie” feature và horn cover complete with a trio of chevrons at the bottom.

Here we see a bit of divergence. The CC has chrome trim at the bottom of the chevrons & along the edge of the leg shield as well as a chrome bezel around the sextagonal headlight. In contrast, the blackout-tastic Notte version runs with a dearth of chrome for a black-on-black (on-black) finish Twelve-inch wheels run with black spokes across the board, but the CC has a polished rim while the Notte is gloss đen throughout.

For the euro riders, the inlaid blinkers take care of business & leave the Sprint looking clean, but due to regulations, the U.S. Version has external turn-signal housings và the recessed blinkers are purely vestigial. A duplex headlight splits the night, and lượt thích the rest of the lighting, it runs with LED technology to ensure that you can see and be seen.

The headlight resides in a fairing that it shares with the handlebar and instrument cluster to lớn keep the top-end looking finished, and these models come stock with a seat remote with a Bike-Finder feature that’ll flash your lights on demand in case you forgot where you parked. A wide glove box in the inner fairing gives you dry, secure storage for your possibles, & at the front of the seat is a pullout cargo hook for a little ’tween-feet storage space.

The spring-loaded flip-up seat conceals a cargo bucket that will hold up to a three-quarter helmet – maybe a full-face if its a low-profile mã sản phẩm – or some school supplies/groceries/whatever. Since this is a small-frame model, there just isn’t room for the kind of cargo capacity you’ll get from a proper Vespone.

Out back we have the same situation with the turn signals, external housings for U.S. Bikes, và recessed blinkers for everywhere else. Naturally, the rearward side covers bear that wasp-like shape that gave rise lớn its original moniker.

Vespa Sprint 150 Chassis

Aircraft-landing-gear style front suspension Monocoque structure Light-yet-strong body ABS Rear mechanical drum brake




Vespa relies on a monocoque structure on the Sprint 150 for the lightweight strength và the internal space it affords. Stamped sheet-steel members are spot welded with reinforcement plates at the critical áp lực points to lớn achieve its final stiffness & strength. Since there is no underframe, it was necessary to địa chỉ a short-rise tunnel in the step-through, but it’s not wasted space as the battery rides underneath the anti-skid plate.

Another Vespa-specific feature is found in the steering, namely the lack of telescopic forks in favor of the aircraft landing-gear type support that relies on a standing member with a trailing link and coil-over shock to absorb the shocks & jostles from the road. With no adjustability, it’s not really better or worse, just a different way of doing the same thing.

Tubeless hoops line the cast-aluminum rims in a 110/70 up front opposite a 120/70. A single 200 mm front rotor & hydraulic caliper slow the front wheel under the protection of a stock ABS feature, but the rear brake is straight-up old-school with a 140 mm mechanical drum brake lớn take care of business out back.

Vespa Sprint 150 Drivetrain

154.8 cc iGet engine12.9 hp
7,750 rpm9.4 lb-ft
6,500 rpm High fuel-efficiency rating Responsive performance

A trio of poppets control flow through the combustion chamber with a single over-head cam to time them, and induction control falls khổng lồ a cable-controlled throttle body and electronically-controlled fuel injector. Not only does this make for precise control over the stoichiometric ratio, but it keep emissions down to meet euro 4 standards with a claimed fuel-efficiency rating of 94.7 mpg.

Forced-air cooling removes the waste heat and eliminates the weight & complication of a water jacket & radiator from the equation. Lớn deliver that twist-and-go operation that scooter riders demand, the factory uses a dry, centrifugal clutch lớn couple engine power to the continuously-variable transmission.

Horsepower is rated at 12.9 ponies and torque comes in at 9.4 pound-feet, & with the overall drive ratio this produces a vị trí cao nhất speed around the 70 mph mark so you have a reasonable expectation of keeping up with traffic on roads up lớn highway speed.

Engine:Bore x Stroke:Displacement:Max Power:Max Torque:Distribution:Fuel system:Cooling:Lubrication:Starter:Clutch:Transmission:
4 stroke single cylinder with electronic injection
58 x 58.6 mm
154.8 cc
12.9 hp (9.5 kW)
7,750 rpm
9.4 lb-ft (12.8 Nm)
6,500 rpm
SOHC (single overhead cam), 3 valves per cylinder
New Electronic Injection PFI (Port Fuel Injection)
Forced air
Wet sump
Automatic dry centrifugal clutch with vibration dampers
CVT with torque server

Vespa Sprint 150 Pricing

While I hesitate to hotline it a clone, there is no denying that the like shares a lot in common with the Vespa Sprint. Same high-mount front fender, same chevron detail on a vaguely tie-like feature on the front fairing. The similarities continue into the hand-control area in the handlebar fairing that also houses the instrumentation và headlight.

Since the lượt thích rides on a proper underframe, the step-through has a flush deck that allows for unimpeded mounting & dismounting with some ’tween feet cargo capacity. A sculpted seat defines the flyline past the middle point, và the side covers have a definite wasp-like look that seems to be borrowed directly from the Vespa. Perhaps “clone” isn’t too harsh after all?

The front suspension is a motorcycle-style fork with hydraulic damping in a departure from the Sprint, but out back a pair of coil-over shock dampen the motion of the swing-drive and support the rear end. As the name suggests, ABS comes with the stock equipment package, and credit where it’s due, KYMCO slapped hydraulic-disc brakes on both front & rear. I loathe drum brakes, so this is definitely a point in favor of the Taiwanese manufacturer.

The like runs a 149.8 cc thumper with 13.5 horsepower at the shaft & 8.7 pounds o’ grunt against 12.9/9.4 from the Sprint; close enough for government work. KYMCO scores its biggest win at the checkout with a $2,999 starting sticker, và that leaves quite a lot of money on the table against the $5,649 CC, however, fit và finish isn’t quite as polished as the Italian entry.

Read our full reviews of the KYMCO lượt thích 150i ABS.

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He Said

“Vespa has never been one to lớn use price as a selling point, but I have always held that you should never be afraid to pay for the best ’cause you’re unlikely khổng lồ regret it. That said, if I was looking for a ride in the mid $5k price range, I’d definitely be looking for a little crotch-rocket lượt thích Yamaha’s YZF-R3 for example. However, I know Vespa has a following that’s nearly as fanatic as, say, Harley-Davidson’s rider base, & that name power nguồn will be a draw for the well-heeled scooteristas out there.”

She Said

My wife & fellow motorcycle writer, Allyn Hinton, says, “The Sprint can trace it’s DNA back lớn legendary models lượt thích the SS 90 or the Primavera ET3. Agile & quick, the Sprint is all about fresh style và youthful exuberance. Granted storage space isn’t as spacious as other models, but it’s adequate for a bookbag or some groceries. What’s important is snappy throttle response,adequate braking, agile handling, và more big-bike feel with the 12 inch wheels. Even though it may be legal on the freeway, I’m not sure I’d feel confident enough with no roll-on left when at speed, but for main arteries and secondary roads, the Sprint 150 is a contender.”

Engine& Drivetrain:
Engine:4 stroke single cylinder with electronic injection
Bore x Stroke:58 x 58.6 mm
Displacement:154.8 cc
Max Power:12.9 hp (9.5 kW)
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