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‘The committee heard Miss Coles knowingly misled her managers about the number of unallocated cases.’‘Sources said Deshmukh would demand extra supply from the 15 per cent unallocated quota.’‘The remaining 25 % of my time I leave unallocated.’‘The National buổi tiệc ngọt did not even have a system of identifying how many unallocated cases there were.’‘The caseloads have increased dramatically in an attempt to get the unallocated case lists down.’‘The Government can only nominate two sites for World Heritage status each year, with the earliest unallocated slots in 2008.’‘He said efforts were on to get 500 MW of additional power nguồn from unallocated quota with the Union Ministry of Power.’‘The extra staff would bring down the rate of unallocated cases, which is currently at almost 25 per cent statewide.’‘The forecasts also included large provisions for more unallocated spending - about $5.1 billion up till 2009.’‘Poultry và livestock co-ops used net margins lớn replenish unallocated equity, which was used in 2000 to lớn absorb net losses.’‘Usage of the unallocated space in the memory arena could also have an effect.’‘The increase in unallocated equity reversed a declining trend of the past five years.’‘Farm supply cooperatives used unallocated equity to absorb some of the net losses during 2001.’‘Any unallocated space will be mở cửa for competitive bidding by departments.’‘I want to tell people what those unallocated cases are.’‘It has also made a whole lot of unallocated costs.’‘This is to be contrasted with an unallocated trades account.’‘This shifted their equity structure from allocated funding lớn unallocated funding.’‘Each tenant has the right lớn park in one of 8 unallocated parking spaces in the communal grounds.’‘By chance, Tulsa had capital sales tax funds that were unallocated at the time of the flood.’