being the second mentioned of two (distinguished from former): I prefer the latter offer khổng lồ the former one.

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latrorse, -latry, lats, latte, latten, latter, latter-day, Latter-day Saint, Latter-Day Saints, latterly, lattermost

Using the terms former & latter is a somewhat formal way to differentiate between items mentioned in a phối or menu without actually naming them. Former is used lớn indicate the first thành tích mentioned, while latter is used to indicate the second item.

Both words can be used as an adjective or a noun. In either case, they are both usually preceded by the.

Here’s an example of an adjective use: When offered a choice between shorter hours & higher pay, most survey respondents chose the former option. 

In this example, the former option refers to shorter hours, because that’s the sản phẩm that was mentioned first.

Here’s an example of a noun use: I enjoy both vanilla and chocolate ice cream, but I prefer the latter. 

In this example, the latter refers to chocolate ice cream, because that’s the one that was mentioned second.

Remember, using formerlatter can sound a bit formal (and might even be confusing lớn people who aren’t familiar with the terms). A less formal (and potentially clearer) way lớn rephrase the former of the two examples would be lớn say When offered a choice between shorter hours và higher pay, most survey respondents chose shorter hours. 

To remember the difference, remember that latter sounds lượt thích (and is related to) the word later—so the latter thành công is the one that was mentioned later.

Former & latter are sometimes both used in the same sequence.

Here’s an example of formerlatter used correctly in the same sentence.

Example: The report presented two alternative plans: the former would be easier lớn implement; the latter would be less expensive.

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