Tensile strength is defined as the ability of a material to resist a force that tends to pull it apart.

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I. Aghayan, R. Khafajeh, in Use of Recycled Plastics in Eco-efficient Concrete, 2019

12.2.3 Indirect tensile strength (ITS) test

ITS kiểm tra is used khổng lồ determine the tensile properties of asphalt mixture, the results of which can be used to lớn investigate the cracking & rutting properties of asphalt mixture (Taherkhani & Arshadi, 2017; Moghaddam et al., 2014b). The mixture having higher ITS shows higher cracking & rutting resistances (Taherkhani & Arshadi, 2017). Several studies have focused on investigating the effects of PET wastes on the ITS of asphalt mixture. Taherkhani và Arshadi (2017) conducted ITS chạy thử on the mixture containing 6.5% & 7% air voids in dry conditions at 25°C. It should be mentioned that two different PET sizes (i.e., fine particles = 0.297–0.595 mm, coarse particles = 1.8–2.36 mm) were used in this study. The results indicated that both modified mixtures containing 2% PET (by weight of binder) had the highest ITS value. As the PET percentage increased, the ITS decreased. Moreover, the ITS of mixtures with fine PET particles was higher than the ITS of mixtures with coarse PET particles. The highest ITS value was considered for all percentages of fine PET particles in the mixture, while in modified mixture, only those coarse particles containing 2% PET had the highest ITS value. So, it can be concluded that using fine PET particles significantly enhanced the ITS value showing the cracking resistance. The results regarding ITS values in saturated mixture were similar lớn the results of dry samples. Considering the saturated mixture, the highest ITS value belonged khổng lồ samples containing 2% PET. However, as the PET percentage increased, the ITS value decreased. This result is in agreement with the research conducted by Modarres and Hamedi (2014a,b) highlighting the fact that if 2% PET was added khổng lồ a mixture at 5°C & 20°C using dry method, the ITS value of modified mixture would increase but when higher percentages of PET were involved (up to lớn 4% PET), ITS was continuously decreased (Fig. 12.2). The results can be attributed khổng lồ the accumulation of binder on the surface of PET particles reducing the bitumen film thickness around aggregates. So, the aggregate-bitumen adhesion is decreased thereby reducing the ITS of the modified mixture (Modarres and Hamedi, 2014b; Taherkhani and Arshadi, 2017). According lớn Moghaddam et al. (2014b), it was shown that the modified mixture in which the PET particles were added using dry method had lower tensile strength under static loading. The tensile strength of saturated mixture containing 1% PET decreased about 200 kPa compared to tensile strength of the control sample. So, it can be concluded that the mixture containing PET particles has more cracking sensitivity in lower temperatures. In another study, both wet và dry methods were used to add PET (5%, 10%, & 15% of binder weight) khổng lồ asphalt mixture.

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The results indicated that the control sample had higher ITS compared lớn the modified dry sample. Moreover, considering wet method, the saturated sample had higher ITS value compared lớn control sample and dry method (Earnest, 2015).