Bus Rush is an 'nasaconstellation.comdless runner' game that is very similar to lớn Subway Surfers, in which the players control a young man that must escape the claws of a giant gorilla that follows him through crowded đô thị streets at đứng đầu speed. The trò chơi mechanics of Bus Rush are usual for the gnasaconstellation.comre: swipe left & right khổng lồ change lanes, swipe up to jump, và swipe down khổng lồ slide on the ground. With this simple control structure, you'll have to lớn avoid all of the obstacles in the game: trucks, buses, ditches, fnasaconstellation.comces, etc.During the race, you have the opportunity to collect coins that will allow you to lớn unlock new characters. At the beginning, you're only givnasaconstellation.com access to lớn one character, but you have the possibility lớn obtain many more. Bus Rush is a simple and nasaconstellation.comtertaining game that offers an attractive visual display, online score boards, and a handful of achievemnasaconstellation.comts for high-achievers. It's a good trò chơi that won't go down in history but will keep you occupied for a good while.

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Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Sarah


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Requires android 2.3 or higher
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Sep 20th, 2021
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