SolidWorkssoftware is atool for technical analysis và computer thiết kế of eachproduct with its own complexity & goals.This software is the core of aninterconnected phối of automated actions that can tư vấn the life cycle of aproduct based on CALS technologies.For example, it was bi-directionalmodified withotherWindows-based programsor created anddocumentedonlineYou are one of the features of thissoftware.Based on user request level, there are 3 main structures:SolidWorks, SolidWorks Professional, SolidWorks Premium.This software issomehow a global leader in high-tech software.In order to describehigh-quality products and reliability và usefulness of this software is thebest decision for the industry.The solutions provided by this softwareare based on the advanced technology of hybrid parameter modeling và a widerange of specific modules.The functions of this software are based onWindows & therefore tư vấn all standards & ESKDs.

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Akey feature ofthe softwareSolidWorks:- modeling và design of any complexity & specialstructure- benefit from the giải pháp công nghệ of CALS- making onlinedocumentlife- providing high-quality products, the usefulness andreliability- based functionsWindows- support Standards và ESKD- Benefit from specific modules and advanced technology of hybridparameter modeling- và ...
SolidWorks Premium
further expands on the capabilities of SolidWorksProfessional to deliver the flagship 3 chiều solution in the SolidWorks family.
Rich simulation capabilitiesallow users to kiểm tra product performance against real life moves andforces.Tolerance stackup analysis ensures manufacturability and helpsresolve complex assembly problems early in the thiết kế process.Extendedtoolsets help khổng lồ layout & document electrical wiring, piping, và tubing, andlet you quickly incorporate PC board data into the 3 chiều model.SolidWorksPremium can also work with 3 chiều scanned data.You get all the benefits of acomplete 3d design solution with SolidWorks Premium.

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Installation Guide Version 2012:The Crack RecipeGuideis available in the Read Me.txt file in the Crack folder.
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