CamelPhat & Elderbrook’s “Cola” is about a female character who reads lượt thích a clubhead. Using a bit of imagination, the narrative details her typical night out on the town. On đứng đầu of dancing, she also apparently likes drama. By virtue of this, getting into it with disagreeable bouncers seems like a regular occurrence in her life. Also one of her main characteristics, as spied by the vocalist, is that “she sips the Coca-Cola”, thus explaining the title of this song.

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Was “Cola” a single release?

Yes. It was a single that came off the CamelPhat’s “Dark Matter” album on June 17 of 2017.


“Cola” was written by CamelPhat’s Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala. They received assistance from Elderbrook. CamelPhat produced the song.

What genre(s) does “Cola” belong to?


Grammy Nomination

“Cola” was nominated for the award, “Best Dance Recording” at the Grammys in 2018. It was nominated alongside the following songs, which eventually lost to “Tonite” by LCD Soundsystem:

Gorillaz ft. DRAM’s “Andromeda”Odesza ft. WYNNE và Mansionair’s “Line of Sight”

Chart Performance

Hungary – 1UK – 1US – 1

Usage in TV Shows

The tuy vậy was featured in the following TV shows:

Skam Italia (episode 5 of season 2)Love Island (UK) (episode 32 & 38 of season 4)

The “Dark Matter” Album

“Dark Matter” was released on the 30th of October, 2020 as CamelPhat’s debut studio album. CamelPhat is a group made up of two English DJs & record producers, Dave Whelan & Mike Di Scala. Their most successful song is “Cola”. It is the first of seven singles released from their “Dark Matter” project.

CamelPhat joined forces with the following record producers in producing “Dark Matter”:

CristophArtbatAndrew FramptonMax FarrarEli & FurAbsofactoKosuke KaszaWill Easton

“Dark Matter” was jointly released by the duo’s eponymous record label, CamelPhat Records & Sony Music.

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The album peaked at No. 23 on the UK’s OCC.

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