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‘The couple are presently redecorating and preparing a nursery in readiness for the baby"s arrival.’‘PUB landlords in Cricklade will be urged lớn get fully behind the town"s Pubwatch scheme in readiness for a possible increase in bad behaviour this summer.’‘Great Britain finalised their preparations at Salford and will have today off in readiness for tomorrow"s sell-out clash.’‘In South Africa, extensive preparation work is being undertaken in readiness for phase I trials.’‘All is in readiness for the annual parish outing khổng lồ Donegal which takes place next Monday.’‘Richard, my husband, & I fly out to Melbourne on Tuesday evening in readiness for New Zealand v South Africa, and then on lớn Brisbane for the England v Wales game.’‘Data generated by the tests was immediately sent back to the team"s base in Barcelona, using hi-tech computers, in readiness for tomorrow"s big race.’‘The industry is required to meet the standards by 2006 in readiness for them to lớn come into force in 2008-09.’‘Bulldozers have begun demolishing the terrace in front of the bowling green in readiness for the building of a members" long room và 36 executive boxes.’‘The Hainworth Wood Centre would be refurbished in readiness for work in Woodhouse, Spring Bank, Parkwood và possibly the Lund Park area.’‘A clean up of the cemetery is currently taking place on Sunday"s at 3pm in readiness for the mass and people are encouraged lớn lend a hand.’‘They are now planning to lớn renew their opposition in readiness for the public inquiry that will take place on February 15 in the Scout Hall in Slater Road.’‘As usual we stocked up with small chocolate bars & sweets in readiness for the visit of the local trick-or-treaters, but, sadly, not one arrived.’‘Filling the bladder is a great way of filling time, even if a large proportion of that time does tend lớn be spent merely emptying the bladder in readiness for the next refuelling.’‘The agro - machinery recently bought from đài loan trung quốc must by now be well deployed in strategic centres in readiness for the tillage.’‘All is in readiness for the Parish Mission which gets underway at next Saturday night"s Vigil Mass at 8.00 pm.’‘Serious questions remain as khổng lồ the readiness, willingness và fitness to lớn lead of those in main contention.’‘Nursing personnel can plan procedures at moments when a baby shows behaviors that indicate a readiness lớn interact.’‘We are addressing the readiness shortfalls that did exist.’

2in singular, with infinitive Willingness to do something.

‘Spain had indicated a readiness to lớn accept his terms’
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‘Meanwhile, down on the beaches & in the parks & gardens of the nation, there seems a remarkable readiness khổng lồ accept the dictates of the safe sun crusaders.’‘The speed with which the seraph touches those lips with a coal indicates the readiness of God to remove our guilt & make us ready for God"s service.’‘If these criteria are not present, a readiness to learn through a change in a nurse"s professional behavior may not Occur.’‘It may be that this indicates a greater readiness on the part of the courts to mitigate the lack of legislation on the treatment of incapacitated patients.’‘Nor did the Chinese leadership indicate a readiness to xuất hiện talks with the President.’‘Adults have a readiness to learn those things that they need khổng lồ know in order to lớn cope effectively with real life situations’‘The female điện thoại tư vấn might simply indicate a readiness to mate, directed khổng lồ a specific male.’‘Such kích hoạt requires a certain courage, a readiness to face ridicule & danger.’‘He will find allies among other states, but he also needs to lớn be careful not lớn confuse the readiness of European leaders to lớn listen khổng lồ Britain with a willingness to be told what to vì by Britain.’‘There has been a resumption of diplomatic contacts, a greater willingness to lớn engage the reclusive country and a readiness lớn help it catch up.’‘But it is an indicator of the readiness of American politicians to lớn play this thẻ whenever the opportunity arises.’‘All that liberal democracy requires is a rational attitude, that is, a readiness to listen to critical arguments và to learn from experience.’‘The new mood allows for more nationalism, more assertiveness, less patience with allies, a greater readiness lớn go it alone.’‘In the case of trusting, we not only rely on someone to bởi vì something, we rely on them with a certain attitude, for example, a readiness lớn feel betrayed if they let us down.’‘Now there is a readiness khổng lồ partner with the private sector.’‘The Economist cited the readiness of the German trade unions to accept lower wages, longer working hours và more flexible conditions of work.’‘In balance, these conflicting emotions equal a readiness khổng lồ change that which one can & to accept that which one cannot change.’‘Their willingness to lớn sign the interim constitution is a promising indication of a readiness to compromise for the sake of the country.’‘Luckily, new technology & an increased readiness on behalf of manufactures to address the problem have made things a little easier.’

3Immediacy, quickness, or promptness.

‘quickness of hearing và readiness of speech were essential’
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‘In today"s Army, the family plays a major role in recruiting, retention, readiness and unique of life.’‘As long as an athlete believes a skill influences their readiness and positively affects performance, they should use it.’‘The next chapter will hopefully be up with some sort of readiness and speed.’‘We present our implementation or realization of interactive multimedia educational software khổng lồ develop readiness of speech for helping the therapy within the frame of scientific works.’