Short stories that help children calm down & relax by guiding them through visualization & breathing exercises. Perfect for parents or teachers who want khổng lồ teach mindfulness and self-regulation.

New story released every Fortnight.

Narrated by Chanel Tsang and Produced by Rob Griffiths


Proud member of Kids Listen, a grass roots organisation promoting nội dung just for children

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Peace Out Live Event! (April 11, 2021)

6th April 2021

Written & narrated by Chanel Tsang

Join us on National Pet Day for a live Peace Out relaxation story all about our favourite pets! We’ll play fun mindfulness games & create a Peace Out relaxation story together.


More great mindfulness and relaxation stories

Loving Kindness Meditation for Children

5th April 2021

Written and narrated by Chanel Tsang

In this bonus episode for parents, caregivers, và educators, Chanel shares her favourite mindfulness meditation practice called Mettā Meditation, or Loving Kindness Meditation. This is a practice that comes from Buddhism và its intention is khổng lồ cultivate an attitude of benevolence và goodwill towards ourself & others, by repeating short phrases, like: “may you be happy” & “may you be healthy.”


Peace Out LIVE! Upcoming Events

22nd October 2020

Written và narrated by Chanel Tsang

Peace Out is on a break, but I want to lớn invite you to join me for one of Peace Out’s first LIVE events! We’ll bởi vì the Calm Down Countdown và chill out with a relaxation story together!


Human Beings Being Human

10th August 2020

Written and narrated by Chanel Tsang

This episode is lighter on movement và more focused on talking about mindfulness


Time In, T-Rex!