Ultra-compact 8-channel page authority system with dual speakers and detachable 500 Watt powered mixer

Enormous power, incredible sonic performance, và super-lightweight

Mixer can be used either while installed in the speaker or detached for easy positioning và access

High-performance MP3 player included lớn play audio files via USB stick

Studio-grade stereo reverb adds finishing touch to lớn your sound

"Wireless-ready" for high-quality Behringer digital wireless system (not included)

Broadcast-like Voice-Over-Priority Function dims music when microphones are used

Extremely powerful 8"" woofers and 1"" compression transducers for incredible sound reproduction

8-channel mixer section features 4 mic/line & 2 stereo channels

4 high-quality mic preamps with switchable +48 V phantom power for condenser microphones

Effective và extremely musical 2-band EQ on all channels

Music/Speech switch to set overall system equalization

Auto limiter prevents overload damage to power amplifier & speakers

Storage compartment available for microphone, cables và accessories (2 x 6.1m (20") speaker cables included)

Integrated stand mounting with 35-mm pole socket

Switching nguồn supply for maximum flexibility, noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy savings

3-Year Warranty Program*

Designed & engineered in Germany



Looking for the ultimate, all-in-one portable page authority system? TheEUROPORTEPS500MP3 sets up in less than five minutes và delivers articulate, high fidelity performance – yet weighs only 41.3 lbs/18.8 kg. Thanks lớn the custom-designed 2-way loudspeakers & detachable 8-channel, 500-Watt powered mixer with onboard mp3 player, Reverb và wireless microphone connectivity, the EPS500MP3 can easily fill a large-sized room with crystal-clear, vibrant sound – making you the star of your event!


Superb Sound Quality

Since our founding in 1989, we have been recognized for manufacturing some of the best-sounding audio mixers, amplifiers and loudspeakers on the planet – so it should come as no surprise that the EPS500MP3 provides far superior sound chất lượng than other products in this class. The two satellite loudspeakers, each with a custom-designed 8" woofer & 1" compression driver, provide the rich sonic performance you would expect from a much larger system. Và with 500 Watts of stereo output, the EPS500MP3 has the power to deliver your message loud và clear, and keep the tiệc nhỏ going all night.

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Marvelous Mixing

Channels 1 - 4 of the detachable powered mixer feature our high-quality XENYX Mic Preamps, which have been praised by audio professionals for their transparency & massive headroom. What does this mean lớn you? It means you get a truly clean input signal without any unwanted coloration or distortion. We’ve provided +48 Phantom Power, so you can even use studio-grade condenser mics – and we’ve given each input channel our highly musical 2-band EQ (Bass và Treble). System optimization couldn’t be easier, just flip the Music/Speech switch lớn select the proper equalization for your purpose. We’ve also included a user-defeatable Voice-Over-Priority function that automatically lowers the stereo channels when you’re on the mic – so all of your important announcements will be heard.


The Sweet Sound of Reverb

If you’re making a speech, chances are you won’t need it, but if you’re playing a musical instrument and/or singing, you might want to add some eff ects. So, we’ve included a great-sounding digital Reverb processor khổng lồ help sweeten your performance. This studio-grade vocal effect will have you sounding just like a pro, & it is so easy to lớn use.


Onboard MP3 Player

One of the coolest features of the EPS500MP3 system is its embedded mp3 player. Just plug in your favorite playlist (via USB stick) và use the 4-button pad with its Random, Play/Pause, Rewind and Forward control switches. From break và background music to lớn high resolution karaoke performance tracks, this mp3 player can handle it all.


Own the Stage with Digital Wireless

Get wireless-ready with the built-in, dedicated connectivity of ourULTRALINK ULM Serieswireless microphone system (to be ordered separately). Wireless gives you maximum freedom và mobility without the need to lớn run cables. The highest-quality sound is provided thanks khổng lồ the ULM’s digital, license-free 2.4 GHz frequency spectrum.

The ULM wireless system combines professional-quality sound with simple thiết lập and an intuitive interface for legendary audio performance right out of the box. Just plug in the ULM receiver “dongle”, và instantly you have an exceptional wireless mic system. Freeing you from cables is the simple and easy way khổng lồ own the stage.


Custom-Engineered Transducers

Powerful amplifiers & Switch Mode nguồn Supply technology sure sounds impressive – but what about the part of the system you actually hear? Our LF (Low Frequency) and HF (High Frequency) transducers are designed specifically for each application – it’s what sets us apart from the competition. When you buy an EPS500MP3 portable pa system, you can rest assured that the transducers inside have been engineered lớn perform flawlessly in conjunction with every other element for truly professional results. The EPS500MP3"s powerful 8"" woofers và 1"" compression transducers crank out rock-solid low end, with articulate, detailed mids và crystal-clear highs.

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It’s All About Connections

The EPS500MP3 comes ready for your input, literally. Channels 1 - 4 accept balanced XLR mics, as well as balanced and unbalanced ¼" line-level sources, such as electronic keyboards và the like. Stereo channels 5/6 và 7/8 accommodate RCA và ¼" inputs, such as drum machines, keyboard sound modules, etc. All in all, there are enough mic and line-level inputs to handle a small band.


Everything You Need

When it’s time for the show lớn begin, setting up the sound system should be easy, right? That’s why we put everything you’ll need into one beautiful, easy lớn move & use package. We even provide a storage compartment for the includedXM1800Smicrophone, mic cable, 2 speaker cables & other accessories, so you never have to tìm kiếm for what you need – it’s all in there. Và when the show is over, just put everything back in its place, latch it all together and wheel it away. It just doesn’t get any easier than this!


Sound Value

Whether you’re giving a speech at the company picnic, pounding out original music in the garage, or cranking it up at the neighborhood bar, we think you’ll agree the EPS500MP3 provides extreme value as a complete, portable pa solution. Visit your localBehringerdealer, or get yours online today!