Find out the most common alternatives to "looking forward to lớn hearing from you" in your emails - & how each one will help you stand out.

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It’s important to be able to convey enthusiasm và excitement in your correspondence with prospects. But how can you vì that without sounding insincere?

The thư điện tử signature "looking forward to hearing from you" is an old-school way of saying goodbye. But, it"s time for a change, & here are the 9 best alternatives that will help you stand out.

“Looking Forward” Or “Look Forward khổng lồ Hearing From You?”

People in business e-mail usually write, “looking forward lớn hearing from you.” But there is doubt on which khổng lồ use khổng lồ address the recipients.

Grammatically, both the phrases are correct to use in emails. But the difference is the first one is a bit weak while the second one encourages action.

Is It Right lớn Say I Look Forward to Hearing From You?

Although it is pretty common lớn use “Looking forward to lớn hearing from you,” using it in your emails depends on many intentions.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using the above phrase:

It is friendly to lớn use if you are acquainted with the recipientsThis sign-off is pretty common
You expect a reply without sounding very demandingIt comes across as passive aggressive or presumptuous

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9 Alternatives khổng lồ ‘Looking Forward lớn Hearing From You’

When you use the sign-off ‘Looking forward to hearing from you,’ it means that I"ll be keeping an eye out for your message.

When writing a formal thư điện tử or letter - especially one requesting something from someone else - it is common khổng lồ include some khung of endearment such as "looking forward." It shows courtesy and hope in anticipation of their response. But you can use other alternatives as it has become quite ancient now.

1. I can"t wait khổng lồ hear back from you

If you don’t expect to hear back from your prospect on a set deadline, using this sign-off is relevant. However, keep in mind that this type of closing tone is softer than requesting input đầu vào by a specific date. Adding the idiom “get the ball rolling” adds a bit of urgency.


Hi John,

I"m sure you"re all busy và have plenty of things to do without giving me a call, but I"ve been waiting for your email.

I tried the hàng hóa along with plenty of other customers, và it’s really cool.

If you"re into it, I would love for you to lớn be a part of our beta testing group.

This will help me figure out what needs tweaking before launch.

So if your time permits, please let me know if you"d like to be on board with this project.

I can"t wait to hear back from you on this so we can get the ball rolling.


2. It would help me out if you could reply by Wednesday

If you need an immediate response from the prospects, this is a pretty good sign-off. In this case, you need lớn frame the request as a favor instead of sounding demanding. This sign-off works if someone misses their deadline, & surely your prospects are more than willing to step up.

Example from a sales template:

Hey Jane,

I am writing khổng lồ request that it would help me out if you could reply by Wednesday at the latest.

I would appreciate it if we stick to lớn our timeline.

Let me know how you"re doing on this one! Thanks a lot in advance for your cooperation, as always :)

3. If it makes sense, let"s phối up a meeting

You"ll be able khổng lồ put your prospect in the driver"s seat when you present them with this sign-off.

Once you have laid out your sales pitch, give them some time lớn think, & if interested, prospect will contact you soon.


Hi John,

I noticed that you"ve been looking for a solution khổng lồ make your team more productive.

I see you"re an IT manager at COMPANY, so I thought of bringing up our software.

You"ll have a bird"s eye view of everything that needs khổng lồ be done & what everyone"s working on at any time throughout the day.

If it makes sense, let"s phối up a meeting ASAP so I can show you how this works in person.


4. I await your immediate response

This is the best sign-off if you need an immediate response. It works great to know what prospects think about the matter & don"t have time khổng lồ wait for a reply.

Example from a cold sales e-mail template:

Hi John,

I don"t want lớn bother you, but I wondered if you could take the time to answer these two questions for me.

What are your thoughts on home security?

Did you know that nearly one-third of all burglaries committed in America happen when nobody is at home?

I await your immediate response!


5. Let’s keep in touch

One of the most common things people write in a quick response thư điện tử is "let"s keep in touch." This phrase can mean anything.

It could be a signal to lớn stay connected on social media, or it might indicate that you and your contact are interested in establishing more formal relations later down the line.

Hey John,

I was wondering if you wanted to try out _______? We just launched, and we"re excited about it.

It"s a ____________, and I think you might be able to lớn use it for your business.

I"d love lớn hear what you think about the concept và fact behind our product or if any features would make it more valuable for your team.

If not now, maybe in the future! Let me know how things are going, & we"ll keep in cảm biến :)


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6. How about giving me 10 minutes?

You can use this as an e-mail sign-off if you want the prospect khổng lồ know more details about your sản phẩm or service. This is perfect for reaching out to your prospects before you start your next outreach chiến dịch as active role.

Hi Jane,

We have met before at a networking event.

My name is , & I wanted to reach out because I"ve seen you struggle with __________ problem/ issue/ pain point that"s holding you back from the right choice.

How about giving me 10 minutes right now to tell you more about my services? You"ll be glad you did.


7. Please keep me updated

When you need to lớn know about an update or change in status only when it occurs, you can send the email with “Please keep me updated.”

This phrase requires little khổng lồ no kích hoạt on the other person’s part & allows them lớn feel không tính phí till they report an update. Here is one of the examples:

Hi Jane,

I hope this thư điện tử finds you well.

The last time we spoke was 10 days ago, and I am sorry about that!

You told me how your team was struggling with keeping up with the ever-changing content marketing landscape, và I wanted khổng lồ follow up to see if things have improved?

And of course, help if you need it!

Seriously though, please keep me updated on how things are going for you guys.

It’s been so long since our last chat, & I would like to learn more about what"s happening in YOUR world!

Best regards,

8. I’m eager to review your feedback.

This typical thư điện tử sign-off is another alternative to lớn "looking forward lớn hearing from you" which lets the recipient know that you need their input, but not necessarily for an emergency project or business communication.

Hi Jane,

I"m eager to reviews your feedback on the new & improved __________.

Help me by sharing your thoughts with me either via email or phone call.

9. A fast response is appreciated

You must be careful with using this phrase as it can be a little off the course. It is better to use it when efficiency is necessary. Do not send this sign-off lớn your first-time prospect or in business communication because it might come off as rude.

For example:

Hey John,

I need to get your domain up và running by our proposed deadline.

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I don"t want you to lớn worry about the technical side of this.

All I require is that you send over the password for your tên miền provider--

A fast response would be appreciated!

Your Thoughts?

Do any other options that come lớn mind? I would love for you to chia sẻ your favorite closing messages with the world!

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