I looked at the solution of sin(2x)/x as x approaches infinity (https://www.nasaconstellation.comway.com/popular-problems/Calculus/569134).

Bạn đang xem: What is the limit of sinx as x approaches infinity?

I understand -1

Also, if you use the L"hopital rule instead of squeeze theorem for sin(2x)/x you get it is equal to lớn limit of 2sin(2x)/1. 2sin(2x)/1 as x goes khổng lồ infinity is undefind ! So squeeze theorem says the original limit is 0 while the L Hoptial rule says the original limit is undefined. Which rule bởi you use?

Thank you so much.


The easiest use of the squeeze theorem for $lim_x opminftyfracsin f(x)x$ is $-frac1lefracsin f(x)xlefrac1$, so the limit is $0$.


If you are taking $x o infty$ you don"t have to worry about the case where $x$ is negative.

You cannot apply l"Hopital"s rule because the numerator $sin(2x)$ does not have a limit as $x o infty$.


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Limit of $sinleft(fracpix ight)$ as $x$ approaches $0$ does not exist, with squeeze theorem

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