A lot of users when trying lớn access some websites are seeing Javascript:void(0) error and they to know what is this error about. In this article, we are going lớn see what does Javascript:void(0) mean và how to lớn fix Javascript:void(0) error?

You will see the error code in question if JavaScript is disabled on your browser. We have covered most of the popular browsers, so, go through the guide to enable JavaScript of your browser.

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Enable JavaScript for Edge
Open Edge.Click on the three horizontal dots và select Settings.Go to Cookies & site permissions > JavaScript.Make sure that it is enabled.Enable JavaScript for ChromeOpen ChromeGo to its Settings.Click Privacy and Security > Site Settings > JavaScript (from Content).Select Sites can use JavaScriptEnable JavaScript for Firefox
To enable JavaScript in Firefox, you first need lớn type the following command in the address bar.about:configThen type “JavaScript” and make sure that the value of Javascript.enabled is true. If it’s false, then click on the toggle to lớn enable it.Enable JavaScript for OperaOpen Opera và go khổng lồ the following location.opera://settings/content/javascriptThen select Sites can use Javascript. Hopefully, this will fix the issue for you.4> Clear Cache & Browsing DataCorrupted cache và browsing data are one of the biggest culprits of the issue. It has been causing issues khổng lồ the users for a very long time and can also cause the JavaScript void error. So, clear cache in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. Then check if the issue persists.5> Update your browserYou can also try updating your Browser as there are some sites that an outdated browser won’t support. So, update your browser to the latest version and check if the issue persists.6> Troubleshoot in Clean BootThe issue can also occur because of a third-party ứng dụng conflicting with your browser. We have already talked about anti-pop-up software, but they are not the only apps that can interfere with your program. So, troubleshoot in Clean Boot lớn find out what’s causing the trouble. Then you can remove it and save the day.That’s it!Related: Fix JavaScript required khổng lồ sign in error.


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