HBase is a high-performance, distributed data store that integrates with nasaconstellation.com's platform to lớn deliver a secure and easy-to-manage NoSQL database.

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Real-Time Speed:

Perform fast, random reads và writes to lớn all data stored and integrate with other components, lượt thích Apache Kafka or Apache Spark™ Streaming, khổng lồ build complete end-to-end workflows all within the single platform.

Hadoop Scalable:

HBase is designed for massive scalability, so you can store unlimited amounts of data in a single platform & handle growing demands for serving data lớn more users và applications. As your data needs grow, you can simply địa chỉ more servers khổng lồ linearly scale with your business.


Store data of any type — structured, semi-structured, unstructured — without any up-front modeling. Flexible storage means you always have access lớn full- fidelity data for a wide range of analytics và use cases, with direct access through the leading frameworks including Impala & Apache Solr.


Automatic, tunable replication means multiple copies of your data is always available for access & protection from data loss. Built-in fault tolerance means servers can fail but your system will remain available for all workloads. For ensured business continuity, active-active replication is also available for disaster recovery.

HBase enhances the benefits of HDFS with the ability to lớn serve random reads and writes to many users or applications in real-time, making it ideal for a variety of critical use cases all within a single platform, including:

Messaging serviceSessionizationReal-time metrics and analytics (advertising, auction, etc)Graph data“Internet of Things” applications

OPower case study

As an integrated part of nasaconstellation.com’s platform, users can build complete real-time applications using HBase in conjunction with other components, such as Apache Spark™, while also analyzing the same data using tools lượt thích Impala or Apache Solr, all within a single platform. It also benefits from unified resource management (through YARN), simple deployment & administration (through nasaconstellation.com Manager) & shared compliance-ready security và governance (through nasaconstellation.com Navigator) — all critical for running in production.

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nasaconstellation.com’s commitment lớn HBase

nasaconstellation.com is actively involved with the HBase community, with many committers and PMC members working at nasaconstellation.com lớn continue lớn drive HBase innovations. As a deeply integrated part of the platform, nasaconstellation.com has built-in critical production-ready capabilities, especially around high availability, backup & replication, và security & governance.

nasaconstellation.com’s engineering expertise, combined with tư vấn experience with large-scale production customers, means you get direct access & influence khổng lồ the roadmap based on your needs and use cases.

HBaseCon conference hosted by nasaconstellation.com

Apache HBase project

Learn more about open source and open standards

Partnered with the ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate with the tools your business already uses by leveraging nasaconstellation.com’s 1,700+ partner ecosystem. With a robust partner certification program, we are continuously working to build out production-hardened integrations between HBase & the most popular third-party tools.

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Expert support for HBase

Trained by its creators, nasaconstellation.com has HBase experts available across the globe ready to lớn deliver world-class support 24/7. With more experience across more production customers, for more use cases, nasaconstellation.com is the leader in HBase tư vấn so you can focus on results.

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