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How to use two SIM cards on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

Having two SIM cards on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can be of great use. We will see here how to insert the two cards into your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Then we will see how khổng lồ activate them, especially for data usage. Finally, we will see why having two SIM cards can be wise, then How does it work.

First of all, for the daily management of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the easiest solution may be to lớn use a Dual SIM manager. We recommend in particular Dual Sim Selector, SIM Tool Manager ou Dual Sim Dialer Widget.

Via some of these apps lượt thích Dual Apps, you can have two separate gaming or social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc.) from your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. You can also block certain calls on one SIM and not on the other.

Also, you can have two social accounts with a single SIM card on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, using apps lượt thích dual Space, Parrallel Space ou 2Accounts. This will allow you to have two or more social accounts on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (two accounts Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, etc.), and games (Clash of Clans, Lords Mobile, FreeFire, LOL, Minecraft, etc.).

How to insert your two SIM cards on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Here is how khổng lồ insert your SIM cards in 3 steps.

In the small hole in the SIM thẻ tray of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, insert a paperclip or SIM eject tool. Push this paperclip or needle inside your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge lớn eject the SIM tray. Be careful, this plate is fragile và this is a delicate operation.

If in doubt, seek professional help.

You will notice the notch in the corner of the new SIM card. Place the first SIM thẻ in the bottom of the tray. The SIM card can only be inserted in one direction due to the notch.

Last but not least, just insert the other SIM thẻ into the notch at the top.

After having put in place the two cards (nano-SIM or micro-SIM depending on the manufacturer"s specifications), completely reinsert the SIM tray. You will only be able to lớn insert the media in one orientation.

Transfer calls between the two SIMs on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

To forward your calls from one SIM card to another, you can simply use an application for transferring calls between SIMs. This is very useful if one of the lines is busy or if the network is missing.


You can also vày the following.

Go lớn "Settings" from the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.Then go to lớn “Network và Internet” or equivalent.From there, tap on "Advanced settings", then "Dual SIM".Finally, go khổng lồ the “Dual SIM card availability” menu and activate this function.You can then activate the gọi transfer between the two cards of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

How to lớn activate and manage data via the second SIM card

You can very simply change the SIM thẻ using the data.

To vì chưng this.

From the trang chủ screen, click on “Settings”.Click on "Connections" or "Data".Click on "SIM thẻ manager" or equivalent.Click on "Mobile Data".At this point, if “SIM 1” is selected on the screen, it means you are using SIM 1 khổng lồ access the mạng internet from your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

If you want to lớn use the SIM 2 thẻ to access the Internet, click on "SIM 2" or the name of the associated operator.

Switch to SIM 2 khổng lồ access mobile data.

The advantages of Dual SIM on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

There are now many mobile operators offering different plans.

For example, you may want lớn use telephony via a SIM card, then data with another SIM card, from another operator.

This will perhaps allow you khổng lồ save on tariffs by making use of the competition.

You can also choose to lớn have a business line and a personal line on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Last but not least, Dual SIM is very useful if you are traveling abroad : you can use a bundle in one country, and another bundle in the visited country. Having two separate phones is surely not a good solution. With the use of two phones, you can more easily thất bại one of the devices including your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

There is also the difficulty of recharging the battery if you only have an electrical outlet available.

To recap on the advantages of using Dual SIM on your Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeEconomical: you can have the cheapest plan for each situation. Especially for smartphone data, a trip abroad or a dedicated professional line.Practical: if you only have a charging socket available.Eco-Friendly: You only need to lớn buy one Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

It"s good for your wallet, but also for the planet.

Dual SIM on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: how does it work?

The users of some mobile phones can use two SIM cards, which is called dual SIM operation. Once a second SIM thẻ is installed, users can manually switch between two separate di động network services.


Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge probably has hardware tư vấn to keep both connections in a “sleep” state for automatic switching.

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge may also have separate transceivers to lớn maintain both network connections at the same time.

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To make the best use of your Dual SIM on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, we recommend some applications available on the Play Store.