Those who need a notebook as a constant companion need more than a display with keys in front of it. The 14 incher wants khổng lồ vindicate its high-class claim with connection variety, robustness, and Core i5-520M power.

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HP EliteBook 8440p-WJ681AW

Who buys EliteBooks? Meanwhile, we"ve got a pretty good idea about that. We"ve recently had the HP ProBook 6540b WD690EA in review, which delimits the EliteBook series downwards. You might also say: If a ProBook doesn"t suffice, you"ll buy an EliteBook. The premium business models" price starts at about 1150 euro.

We"ve chosen one of the lowest priced EliteBooks. There are almost no limits towards the top because HP also places its workstations under the name "EliteBook" by adding "w". Our 14 inch 8440p is technically limited khổng lồ the basics with a bộ vi xử lý core i5-520M & without a dedicated graphic card. A high-resolution display is just as absent as a UMTS module.

Which claims can the EliteBook starter keep upright? What does it bởi better than the already good ProBook 6540b WD690EA? Is the elite alternative worthwhile for the ambitioned consumer or can he instead buy a ProBook, partly available for a lot less money? Our detailed đánh giá will answer these questions.


180 degree opening angle
Torsional stiff case
High-end hinges

Whilst notebook series aligned for consumers are always getting thinner, flatter and lighter, HP apparently adds a bit lớn guarantee higher stability. The 14 incher is indeed a massive piece. Its highest part measures 3.1 centimeters. We"ll also notice what we are carrying around due khổng lồ the weight of 2363 grams. It would be wrong khổng lồ assume that business users aren"t looking for the perfect weight. However, the manufacturer has uncompromisingly decided in favor of high-quality and stability. And it"s made a trang chủ run with it.

The base unit is as solid as a rock và can"t be twisted at all, even with force. We can"t dent the wrist-rest or base plate anywhere. The lids stiffness is almost sensational. We can only twist it just slightly at the corners. The silver area stays firm up khổng lồ the end. Of course, we can dent it slightly with a lot of selective pressure. But it"s not possible over an area.

The reason for this chất lượng is the selected materials beside the stability. Lid, wrist-rest and the strip above the keys are made of brushed aluminum. Thus, the surfaces feel cool and are very scratch resistant. The manufacturer uses real metal for the hinges, just like in the ProBook. The hinges are fixed tight khổng lồ the base unit. No tearing or pressing can move them. They keep the lid tight in position (no teetering). We can open the lid single-handedly despite the base unit"s heavy weight.

The somewhat seemingly over-sized silver display button is beneficial for single-handed opening. It releases the massive lock (metal) và allows the lid to mở cửa itself about half a centimeter. This gap is enough khổng lồ pull the display open with one hand.

The same applies lớn the battery: Instead of pressing around on two locks with two fingers, we can simply pull the battery eject và it appears lớn push itself out of its compartment. A single-handed removal is thus possible.

Docking & battery ports
ExpressCard54 slot

Appreciated by pros và popular amongst demanding customers: Docking stations & numerous connections for all needs. The 14 incher has everything that is expected in a modern work notebook. The almost extinct modem port (RJ-11), display port, FireWire (i-Link) and eSATA belongs to lớn this. If specific interfaces are missing, users have the possibility to retrofit via the ExpressCard54 slot. HP uses a display port instead of HDMI. This port allows 2560x1600 pixels on an external display.

We lượt thích the Kensington lock, display port and VGA (screwed!) positioning on the rear. The conventional lid mounting makes it possible. The side areas are optically unloaded in heavy use of plug connections with that. We find a battery of three USB ports & FireWire on the left. An ExpressCard54 slot is beside it. ExpressCard34 cards also fit. The audio connections are found directly below this slot.

The front isn"t occupied with any connections. The right side provides for a small highlight, though. The eSATA port has been rather unusual in business notebooks until now. Even a FireWire is onboard beside it. The eSATA supplies a fast data transfer to external eSATA hard disks. They work almost as fast as if they were internally tethered.

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There are two cardreaders. One for memory cards (SD, MMC) on the case"s front & one for SmartCards on the right. SmartCards are login cards for person-related computer utilization. Particularly, large IT infrastructures use this security system.