You may often hear the term ‘including but not limited to’ in English conversations và written text but what does this term mean? We are going to look at the meaning of this phrase và how we can use it in a conversation. We will also look at where this term came from and a little background from behind it.

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“Including But Not Limited To” Meaning

When someone says ‘including but not limited to’ they are saying that a situation may include certain things but these are not the only things included. For example, you might say something like ‘the alphabet includes but is not limited lớn the letters A, B, and C.’

Origin of this idiom

The origin of this phrase is within contract writing. This means that it usually linked khổng lồ a legal background & can often be found in the terms and conditions of something.

“Including But Not Limited To” Examples

Examples in Statements

This is a statement made by a restaurant.

Here is a statement made by a school.

‘We offer a range of subjects of which maths, science, & drama are included but not limited to.’Conversation Examples

The term ‘including but not limited to’ can be found in various different conversations. Here are some examples to lớn show how it can be sued.

The first conversation is between a new employee and his boss.

Person 1: “Welcome lớn the team, is there any question?”Person 2: “Yes, what exactly will my duties be?”Person 1: “They will include but not be limited to filing, typing, and taking phone calls.”

The next conversation is between a store manager & a customer.

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Person 1: “I am looking for some bread.”Person 2: “We have many different kinds.”Person 1: “What kinds vị you have?”

Other Ways to lớn Say the Phrase

There are other ways in which you can express the meaning of the term ‘including but not limited to.’

Here are some other things you can say which convey the same meaning.

Some of the things included areAn example of what is included

“Including But Not Limited To” | Picture