1 : something that helps to lớn provide comfort, convenience, or enjoyment hotels with modern amenities providing residents with the basic amenities

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2 usually amenities : something (such as a conventional social gesture) that promotes smoothness or pleasantness in social relationships maintaining social amenities

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The khách sạn has every amenity you could want. an unhappy, bickering couple who, at least in public, observe all the amenities of polite behavior
Recent Examples on the website Weekend rates start at about $360 before taxes, weekdays around $300, plus a $47 guest amenity fee. — Christopher Reynolds, Los Angeles Times, 17 Feb. 2022 RockFarmer also added amenity spaces to the four-building, nearly blocklong complex, including a co-working lounge, a playroom, a roof deck & a bocce court. — New York Times, 11 Feb. 2022 Fulton Market, which at one point seemed overbuilt, is now in demand, thanks khổng lồ its newer, amenity-heavy buildings, said CBRE Vice Chairman Todd Lippman. — Lauren Zumbach, chicagotribune.com, 30 Jan. 2022 Comfort is an invaluable resource, so purchasing a property with virtually every amenity available is impossible lớn quantify since it has never been done before. — Emma Reynolds, Forbes, 27 Jan. 2022 Locations will get amenity improvements like more comfortable driver lounges and repaved parking lots, new lighting fixtures & fresh paint. — Sean Mcdonnell, cleveland, 26 Jan. 2022 Such was a typical afternoon last October aboard the Nansen Explorer, a 236-foot ice-class vessel converted into an amenity-laden 12-guest explorer yacht. — Kim Kavin, Robb Report, 15 Jan. 2022 If a dog park doesn’t have that extra amenity, then people should not let their large dogs in the dog park when small dogs are playing, & vice-versa. — Cathy M. Rosenthal, San Antonio Express-News, 23 Dec. 2021 The rezoning, of course, will also bring about plenty of shiny new lofts with five-figure rents & stylish, amenity-laden offices. — Caroline Spivack, Curbed, 14 Dec. 2021

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History & Etymology for amenity

Middle English amenite, from Latin amoenitat-, amoenitas, from amoenus pleasant